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FGL Dev Tools

FGL provides a robust collection of integrated development tools to help you build, extend, and maintain advanced web and desktop applications.

Key Features
  • Console: FGL's console renders active server, log, and application activity and messaging as well as execution warnings and error handling in real-time. It also provides access to the FGL Task Manager, integrated Debugger, and profiler.
  • Compiler: In addition to the built-in JIT compiler, FGL provides a standalone compiler used to convert active pages and other text-based source code into binary code for optimized execution.
  • Linker: FGL's linker is used to combine compiled source files and libraries into standalone windows and desktop applications.
  • Librarian: Individual source files can be combined into binary libraries by the FGL Librarian for optimized use and re-distribution.
  • Debugger: FGL's integrated debugger makes it easy to dynamically browse through active pages and other source content in real-time. Access to call stack, variable inspector, session and server data, as well as database interaction is also provided. The debugger makes it easy to trace through combined FGL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.
  • Profiler: Provides real-time performance data during code execution of libraries, source files, and active pages, including numbers of calls, overall execution time, and more.
  • Code Generators: Numerous integrated code generators are provided to automate complex object creation, generation of database interface wrappers, highspeed search objects, and more.
  • System Libraries: Extensive pre-built libraries enhance over functionality, including dates and calendaring, database wrappers and extensions, web clients, dom and xml parsers, oath, soap, json, odbc, system, virtual file manager, and more.


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